Submit your shit. There’s only 1 requirement. You MUST have a hardlink on your homepage or gallery using the following information:

Anchor: Booty

If that’s not found, you don’t get listed. There’s no guaranteed listings but if your gallery is good and you’ve got a linkback to me there’s a very good chance you’ll get listed.

If you don’t want to hardlink me, thats fine, I’ll take a pre-approved/partner account on your site instead.

The Rules:

NO illegal shit. You know what I mean.
NO ref code links. Galleries must be yours
MUST be linking to me or trading plugs
NO more than 2 submissions per 24 hour period
MUST have at least 10 pics or 3 clips
PLEASE make your description decent no “Big boobs” types

Ok, now put your gallery info in the comment box and submit it and I’ll check it out.

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