I’m always looking for quality link trades. Hit me up on ICQ/AIM/Email

Equal traffic trade is great but not required. If you’ve got a little traffic that’s fine. Add my site first then contact me about the trade with the url of my link and the URL/Anchor text you want.

Here’s my linking info:

URL: http://www.nowthatsanass.com
Anchor: Booty

Got traffic? GREAT! Sign up with my Top list HERE. Then email if you’ve got a toplist also so I can sign up with yours.

Wanna trade gallery plugs? Kickass! Hit me up on ICQ/AIM/Email and we’ll figure something out.

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These guys FUCKING rock my socks. I had a day of bad conversions and they credited my account for 2 joins. Now THAT is proper affiliate relations right there. pimpporn is ALWAYS on ICQ and is a super fucking cool guy. Princess Cameron so far converts the best for me. The average ratio is 1:50


Do I really need to explain why I use them? Seriously? They’re ALWAYS on time with content updates and pay $35 PPS. They are the big dogs on the block and have some of the best porn out there.

Traffic Cash Gold

Fucking awesome conversion and fresh sites all the time. Saturation is not an issue with them because they’ve got killer sites and are making new ones all the time.

Need to get a hold of me or mrkris? Go check out our company page.


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